Music's First Interracial Female Duo

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by AsOne

Music from upcoming release in 2015

Produced by: Paul Wright III for 360MusicWorX

Executive Producer: Paul Wright III

Recorded at: Sunset Sound (Franklin, TN), 360MusicWorX (Mount Juliet, TN) &Vertical Sound Studio (Nashville, TN)

Recording Engineer: Steve Dady & Paul Wright III

Mixed at: The Mix Factory (Los Angeles, CA)

Mixed Engineer: Tony Shepperd

Mixed by: Tony Shepperd and Paul Wright III

Mastering Engineer: Peter Doell

Mastered at: Universal Mastering West (Los Angeles, CA)

Photography by: Shawn Warlow

Hair by: Kristi Alderson

Makeup by: Jessica Renee Jones


Theresa Bailey - Piano

Paul Wright III - Piano/Additional Keys

Stacy Coake - Bass

Chris Bailey - Drums and percussion

Dave Cleveland - All Guitars

Ralph Lofton - Organ

Mark Douthit - Alto Sax on “He’s Faithful”

Strings Arranged & Conducted by: Maestro Lightford

Recording Engineer: Nick Spezia

Recorded at: Oceanway (Nashville, TN)

String Section:

Violin 1: Katelyn Westergard, Kristen Weber & Michael O'Gieblyn

Violin 2: Corrie Covell, Alicia Enstrom & Kristen Weber

Viola: Emily Kohavi and Cassie Shudak

Cello 1: Emily Nelson and Austin Hoke

Cello 2: Cremaine Booker

Violin Solo on "Born To Die”: Katelyn Westergard

Duet on "All I Need Is You": Michael O'Gieblyn (violin) and Emily Nelson (cello)

Background Vocalists on “Love Is A Better Way”

Ann McCrary

Regina McCrary

Alfreda McCrary-Lee

Children’s Choir on “One”

Children’s Choir Session Director: Aaron Mercer

Emma K. Butler

Ashlynn F. Lounsbury

Ella M. Mercer

Emille A. Root

Kaitlyn E. Stake

Choir Arrangements by: Lamar Campbell & Paul Wright III

Choir Session Director: Lamar Campbell

Choir: Spirit of Praise

Recording Engineer: J.R. Viers

Recorded at: E91 Recording Studio (Indianapolis, IN)


Kimberly Kenny

Martha Riley

Valerie Lismom

Phyllis Plummer

Joy Westbrook

Denitra Lockhart


Karen Williams-Valentine

Michelle Boner

Tiffany Gilliam

Renee' Lacey Wharton

Denise Clark


Brian Kelly

Oscar Banks

Delphia Large

Denise Richardson-Johnson

Additional Vocals and Vocal Arrangement “You Prayed Me Through”:  Mark Kibble